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Whatnots and Whichevers

In this day and age, I should be updating more, or using twitter, or posting on a blog... But it seems I don't. This location holds projects and miscellanea. A collective packrat's nest of ideas, projects, and lint of things over the years. Some which have completely been forgotten and rediscovered, again and again.

The Road Through Time

  • 2016.05.08 : Definitely Dead
    It's been ~6 years since the last update! In that time, we defuncted hosting for twinaxis.com. But now we're back! I haven't decided if I want to bring back this site as-is, so I've neutered it. Let's hope it's not years before I decide...
  • 2010.07.14 : Alive?
    Now 2+ years since the last update. I'm amazed much of the site still works, or is still relevant. This update puts the PS3 bluez patches onto the site for real, as they were just jammed into a random directory for the last many months.
  • 2008.02.11 : Time Passing
    It's been... wow, ~7 months since my last index page update. Not much has changed; work and school have eaten up most of the hours. I plan for a major redesign sometime in 2008, but nothing until ideas spark.
  • 2007.07.23 : Ugh
    Going to have to do a revamp of the site at some point. The XML/XSLT back-end is undergoing much pain in the PHP4 to PHP5 migration. While a compatibility hack has been added, who knows how well it'll hold together in the future.

About the Site

As usual for most of the content on the enormity of the web, this site houses the general mish-mash of randomness generated over the course of time. Much of the content has been carried along over the years from site to site, project to project, finally resting here, hopefully still intact.

Site Designs

Also given the fickle nature of design, the site evolves over time. From humble origins of barren text, to the confusion of the high-tech, and everything in-between, the site has been through it all. To the benefit of browsing, development standards have evolved to what we have today, and are continually improving. Hopefully the design is basically consistent across the varied browsers available.

The development and scripting of the majority of the site has been accomplished to serve the specifications implemented by Mozilla, however even there, minor bugs and features have intervened. Therefore, the design is not static, but will continually flow suiting the pass of time.


The site is built upon various standards and technologies. The content of the site is rendered as XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS version 2. This allows for proper parsing and rendering of the content. On the back-end, information is stored in a combination of formats. Most content is formatted as XML, and then processed and mangled through PHP to result in what you see.


as time flows forward
designs change and evolve
information lasts